Pendidikan di Malaysia adalah suatu usaha berterusan ke arah memperkembangkan lagi potensi individu secara menyeluruh dan bersepadu untuk mewujudkan insan yang seimbang dan harmonis dari segi intelek, rohani, emosi dan jasmani berdasarkan kepercayaan dan kepatuhan kepadaTuhan. Usaha ini adalah bagi melahirkan rakyat Malaysia yang berilmu, bertanggungjawab dan berkeupayaan mencapai kesejahteraan diri serta memberi sumbangan terhadap keharmonian dan kemakmuran masyarakat dan negara.


Jumlah Pengunjung Sejak 2005

Rabu, November 30, 2005

From One Teacher to Another


Nod if you agree...

  • You became a teacher not by chance but by choice.
  • At some point in your life before you became a teacher, there was a burning desire to make a difference in children's lives.
  • You took up the challenge of managing classrooms because you love kids.
  • You wanted to see delicate little spirits soar to heights they themselves never thought possible.

You believe that teaching is a noble profession that is not afraid of change and innovation. A profession that constantly seeks solutions, experiments with possibilities and explores frontiers which even Captain Kirk and his crew have ever dreamed off!

Teachers are also like snowflakes-they may look alike but each of them has their own uniqueness. Each seems to have a secret recipe for success; a bag of tricks, as it were.

That is why it's been said there is no such thing as correct or best way to teach and that's why we need to listen to others and tap into their personal experiences in order to enrich our own classroom encounters.

p/s: Sorry Jeff I guna gambar you. Sebab you kelihatan betul-betul seperti CIKGU IDAMAN MALAYA... keep it up. Jangan jadi macam CIKGU SHA'ARI dah le. "Che'gu suka main bola. Hari-hari che'gu main bola."...

Khamis, November 24, 2005

Aduh Saliha... Part I (tiada kena mengena dengan MAWI)

Persekitaranku tiba-tiba gelap. Sedari tadi adanya cahaya hilang entah ke mana. Fikiranku buntu. Kucari di mana sang ilham yang tadi berlegar-legar sekeliling kepalaku. Aku hilang kemudi,panik,berkecamuk dan entah apa lagi. Aku pasrah. Hanya satu sahaja yang boleh mengembalikan keadaan ini kepada keadaan asalku. Keputusannya kelak. Apa bendanya ni? Itulah dia Kertas Bahasa Pengaturcaraan MTS1033 (C++) yang aku duduki semalam. Susahnyaaa... kalau dapat gred D pun dah syukur yang teramat sangat bagaikan mendapat gred A. Harap-harap luluslah hendaknya. -AMIN-.

Selasa, November 22, 2005

Try this at your own risk!

This is something you all should explore. When you stop at the traffic light, turn your head and look at the driver of another vehicle next to you. Look at his face attentively. Unbelievable, he will look at you too in a few seconds (like he knows that you are looking at him) eventhough he was looking forward before. I believe this is what people call "THE SIXTH SENSE". (Being a little bit superstitious I am huh..?)

Isnin, November 14, 2005

The truth is out there

I have tried not to discuss this matter, not to be superstitious, not to think about it anymore but yesterday's event has something to do about it. It happened when I was attending a wedding ceremony when I was about to finish taking the delicious food at the buffet table (I was alone at that time) and all of a sudden the queue became crowded. I do not know what "term" or word can describe this superstitious feeling. I realized wherever I go, if the place is not crowded it will be crowded in a few minutes/seconds after my presence. I believe somebody who knows Feng-Shui has an explanation about it. This situation was not only happened once but many times and at many places such as banks, post-office, markets even queueing for foods at some occasions too. For you out there if you can explain this phenomenon please do so. I need your opinion. The truth is out there...but where?


Ahad, November 13, 2005


Visiting friends during Eid-ul-Fitri exposed me to some attitudes of the Malaysians. Here what I observed:
  1. Malaysians unfixed their side mirrors of their motorbikes but do not do the same thing onto their cars.
  2. Malaysians clean their interior area of their cars but do not care about their surrounding cleanliness.
  3. Malaysians hate war but love to burn firecrackers during major festivals.
  4. Malaysians love to decorate their cars with useless accessories (usually local cars).
  5. Malaysians proud to drive their national cars but at the same time replace the original logo with different brand logo.